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Sunday, February 5

wassup nigga

I had to wake early today to go shopping at parra ==’ Oh well I couldn’t sleep anyway. AND BRO IT WAS SO WORTH IT UM I MEAN SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Bought so much crap ugh it’s so bad that I don’t have any sense of ‘save your money’ these days!!!!!!! As soon as I get money… I will never see it again lol. Oh well I am so satisfied with all my buys and I am not joking!!
I had yogolicious today, and it brought back crazy memories hahaha wow. Aww I seriously miss that day….
I love sportsgirl, and also I know that white high top chucks aren’t really so fabulous but dude I really just wanted them, they’re like a staple… shoe. And it has such a fun 90’s look so yeah. I really love myer too. idjsodighdOMG!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

Got home and churched it.
I constantly forgot it was my birthday today - usually I remember throughout the day but I just … it never passed my mind, I felt entirely normal. wow!

Friday, February 3

TGIF BRO it’s been a long week

So rainy today as per usual - I had my first free maths period! Hamlet is really boring.
I saw such cute kittens in the pet store………..
Did pilates on new mats, oh yeah. They smelt so new and clean *0*

I can’t believe my whole family and I watched the sound of music together! It was so great :)

Thursday, February 2

It was so cold this morning and I swear I thought it was 5am when I woke up and I was literally awake but mentally I was still dreaming

School was exciting today harhar! I was quite awake during all periods and ancient history was given that magical year 11 gossip feel. I apologise to a certain friend for teasing them so much about a certain person - it’s so much fun but I’ll try to ease it off okay? :P

It rained pretty much the whole day and when I got home I cleaned out a study area and did some homework :) I went to eat and while cutting the capsicum I cut my finger… It didn’t hurt but I could not look at it, I mean eeeeeeeeeeeeweweweweew IT NEVER STOPS BLLEEDING UGH

Dinner was bloody amazing though LOL

Wednesday, February 1

Hello supposedly the hottest month of the year…. *rains

It was so gloomy today and I was happy in the morning but then I don’t know I’m just sick and tired of the daily same old, same old. I want something new and I want to fix my problem, but how? How do I get something new, how can I make my life more enjoyable, how do I do that…..

But yeah chilled at parra today with Sonia and followed Kenny around :L I almost entirely missed my train stop because I was sleeping. Sleeping everywhere and feeling sleepy almost everywhere really shows how bored of life I am atm.. Life is so boring :\ And I thought I would NEVER say that in my whole life, seriously!!!!

There were heaps of people in gym today, it was quite lively.

Sunday, January 29

Uhh I tried to wake up early today so I could sleep early tonight too but dude Nadal vs Djokovic is on and I don’t think I’m going to sleep until I find out who wins…

So I did clean clean clean today and I cooked a bit too

Byeee I’m going to now happily watch Nadal. Mmmm abdominalssssssssss

Saturday, January 28

Ah I had a was woken from a strange dream… Apparently I was sent back to Mitchell High for a day and the dress code was formal, every day. So there was no more uniform, but you had to dress formal. It was so weird but it seemed to normal in the dream.

So I was woken up and then I went to westpoint with my mother and brother. There was a quote we saw on a car ‘a mortgage can change a childs world’

And for ages I am telling you now, AGES, we discussed what it meant HAHA, I don’t even. So I bought my piano book, went grocery shopping and yeah. Quite nice seeing an old, missed friend while looking for face wipes!!! Aw she’s so sweet!

Went home, then church and rob was over once again doing some misc activites with no shirt on but oh well let him be. SHARAPOVE vs AZARENKA (is that how you spell it?) tonight. May the loudest woman win………..

Friday, January 27

I was up and ready AND early this morning to go to the beach but yeah it was raining so we decided to go to Janets house (rice group bro)

It was so simple, a day in an apartment trying to find things to do, improvising, laughing, just dance, mario kart, sharing secrets, dares, singing, learning to dance lol. So much exercise too from the tips and hide and seek and childhood games. It was such a simple and memorable day. Such a good catch up. It reminded me of the days when I was a child and I had nothing to do, so I was constantly finding interesting things everywhere! And to top it off, I had my alone time on public transport with my music, while it rained slightly. Beautiful. Wow.

Definitely a day I would feel nostalgic towards forever.

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